Features TODO Status
Join running games 0%
PlayerList pool for players (watching ServList waiting for game to start). When enough gathered, 1 starts server for others to join. 0%
Switch between NORMAL (big) and MINI display at run-time or cmd-line, not compile-time.
Alternatively make MINI only to allow for bigger arenas (for >6players)
Drop separation 6players / >6players, make massive multiplayer only 0%
support various sizes of maps:
increase arena spaces by using MINI-display but double columns & rows.
To provide for levels easily, reuse old ones by doubling columns&rows, too. :)
Split bombs should be limited to max, otherwise overflow!!! 0%
Accumulative extras (like speed multiplier) must be limited to max, otherwise overflow!!! 0%
Random teleport time between jumps must have minimum, when too fast/ often == freeze!!! 0%
Forbid to connect to server before picking a name, give local warning! 0%
Display ping & IN-flag next to team-letter 0%
display of network errors in GUI 75%
Display warning for missing ping: FW alert! 50%
server setup + player list side-by-side, so you can change game parameters depending on connected players 20%
Have 2 chat output lines to see the previous, too (scrolling) 0%
Buffer "next" chat msgs to allow to read all msgs (3-5s / msg delay) before they get overwritten by the "next" 0%
Join 1st open game that is not FW'ed, see GUI FW item 0%
Kick long time idlers (after bots begin to annoy, like 6-8 games in a row, or configurable) 0%
Level-ranking 0%
Don't hang when ^Z pressed + bg in unix cmd-line after xb started 0%
host/team state requests for clients - remote controllable server 80%
manually choose network interfaces 0%
make connects non-blocking to avoid hanging connection attempts 0%
search multiple ServList simultaneously 0%
FW'ed server sends solicitation-join request to interested clients, - prerequires a gamers pool to which to propagate solicitation so that clients would know about FW'ed server and hook up: - srv -> xbc(servers), players -> xbc(players), - xbc(servers) -> xbc(players), players open join-service for servers, - srv -> players, == connect 0%
TCP live-game status reporter direct from game-server, not wait for UDP responses 10s auto-refresh from central (for live in IRC or standalone) 0%
Tutorials (shape, installing, configuring, patches) 30%
split the code into modules: server, client, GUI 0%
reorganize the build tree with the usual src/ data/ docs/ 0%