Old XBlast news

46. News (2006-05-09)

Development has de facto stalled. But thanks to some brave newbies from France and Portugal(?) the player-base is increasing, providing more time with joinable servers. However, until some cruicial changes from the ToDo-list are implemented, we still have a hard time bringing people together to get some "full" game started. So far the best chance is still to join IRC, hang around and ask for games and help. -- Rado

45. News (2005-11-14)

As you might know, xblast-center has stopped. If you have any requests for support, redirect them to us here via IRC, the forums, or mailing-lists.
Unfortunately are our 2 main developers are busy with "real life" for quite some time. If you wish to jump in, you're very welcome to fix errors or add new stuff.
Thank you very much for making xb more fun to play. -- Rado

44. News (2005-08-13)

Jus4D has sucessfully ported XBlast-TNT-SDL to windows. You can find the exe with the needed .dlls of SDL here. Install the normal .msi file and unzip the archive in the directory, replacing the xblast.exe. Now you can play xblast with sdl. :)

43. News (2005-08-04)

XBlast-SDL was ported to 2.10.3 we have a lot of bugs in it. It still uses x11_socket.c. If someone want to play with it, feel free.
cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sf.net:/cvsroot/xblast co -rsdl xblast

42. News (2005-05-14)

We have no known bug anymore. Central will be cleaned sooon, so prepare to reregister...

41. News (2005-05-12)

We found a new bug, but we cant really reproduce it. It happens at the end of a match, when data is sent to xbcs (xblast central server). We will look for it. Debian and Level Editor bugs should be fixed, i will try to improve editor and make a Tutorial for it. At the moment there is another bug, i must track down (editor related). SDL GUI is finished, we just need to pass to 2.10.2 and then try to build network (i hope Quake 2 linux can help someway...). At the Moment we dont see need for releasing a new version soon, so if the bugs make you mad, just try the cvs version (next version will have for windows more install options (root, non root).

40. News (2005-04-19)

Seems we were still too unpacient... there is a new feature which is broken. It searchs the level directory recursively, so it is possible to organize better the directory tree. Unfortunaly there is some static variable in this routine, and the windows and linux routines were not quite the same. So it is just broken in 2.10.2, we have it fixed but we will just release it in 2.10.4 (maybe there will be also a xbchess...) We are sorry for it and we will try also to organize the level dir in 2.10.4 so that this feature will really works and make things clearer for xblasters :). I noted it cause we got new levels from Django, and I organize it, we will make the new levels distribution, as old format (in the next weeks), but the new complete source will have the dir tree.

39. News (2005-04-18)

Okay, so much for the "next week" thing... but it's finally done, 2.10.2 is released now! You can get the sources and/or an .msi here. There have been mostly bug fixes (team games, SMPF, bot, networking, memory leaks/overflows) plus a few minor extensions (chatting everywhere, kicking for SMPF). Let us know if you still find bugs, either by submitting or by joining us in IRC.

38. News (2005-03-09)

A release candidate for 2.10.2 is available in the Nightly tarballs directory. Please let us know about any problems you encounter, the final release is expected next weekend. A windows binary can be found here here. To see what has been fixed, look at Features per Version. Have fun!

37. News (2005-02-23)

2.10.2 is getting ready, many bugfixes were made, chat system
is reworked, release expected in 2 weeks. Downgrade Compatibility
will be there but we recommend an upgrade, since 2.10.0 has nasty
If you found one tell us by submiting it.
Some bugs we have already fixed:

36. News (2005-02-15)

Work is progressing on a 2.10.2 bug fix release but it will take at least until next week until it is near to be releasable. While it is recommended to use cvs, you should be aware that some snapshots can be more unstable than others, due to development. To make sure that you get a "stable" cvs, please meet us in IRC and get a recommendation. I will try to keep some "stable" snapshots here.

35. News (2005-02-01)

Some very annoying bugs have received fixes, which are now in current cvs, see Features per Version. A preliminary windows binary can be found here (look for cvs-*.exe files). If you have to stick with the 2.10.0 release, here are some things to keep in mind:

34. News (2005-01-26)

Though to no SMPF developer we found a bug quite unspected..
If server is SMPF (till 16 players instead of 6) and client not, client cannot join the game.
It will abort on loading. We are working on a work out but it will take time.
If you see a
xblast: menu_network.c:797: HandleShutdown: Assertion `clientID < 6' failed.
before aborting.
We recommend a SMPF recompilation (configure --enable-SMPF). If you
have windows we can compile a version on demand.
SMPF is not very beloved under the developers for some reasons:
SMPF is supported by us, but until 2.10.[1-2], it will have some problems

33. News (2005-01-26)

2.10.0 is out!
There is some bugs, if you find them tell us(try to reproduce them first)!
What is new in this version you can read here
It will get bigger with time, cause there is a lot of improvements, and we lost count of them..
Some new features will be described in Player-Tutorials
For a lot of them you wont need a Tutorial :).
A Windows installation file is also available, see in WindowsInstall
We hope you enjoy it, cause we do :]

32. News (2005-01-16)

Happy new year!
Soon 2.10.x will be out! (we dont know if 0 or 1 or 2 ..)
It will have a lot of features, which will be documented in player tutorials.
some informations in advance: chat, level editor (XILE), suicide abort, slowflame, ghost, new network protocol, less memory leaks, compiles under more architektures: cygwin, mingw,ms visual c, sparc linux,... , more levels, and so on...
Dont download the images, they are wrong, we will fix it in the week.

31. News (2004-11-10)

Koen's central server is DEAD forever! Change your settings to connect to
Spread the news & meet in IRChat to mourn or discuss.