How To Make a Shape Model in XBlast



You want to make a Taliban, cowboy, jedi, Darth-vader, or else shape for





1. povray


2. bash


3. mmv


4. epmtools


I will explain what are exactly these requirements and what for they are.

1. Pov-Ray is a ray-tracer program, it draws the  Shape. There

is a unix version and a windows version.


2. Bash is a script language. The scripts for using povray and converting

the povray output into a xblast understandable format are bash scripts.

It is with almost all linux and unix. It is also with cygwin for windows.


3. mmv  means multiple move, it is needed for some other scripts

to make ppm in pgm.


4. epmtools are also there to convert the graphics


Next I will describe how to experiment a little with these four:

For unix, linux:

take a directory to make some experiments, copy the shapes.tar.gz there and then type

tar xfvz shapes.tar.gz


you will see a new directory: shapes, go in.

there are 2 subdirectories, block and sprite, well if you want a player shape

go to sprite, else block.


-         Sprite is for the Shapes

-         Block for the blocks


You may make The Blocks under unix (linux) with make, under windows

With povray you can open air_pump.pov and run it (compile the image).

Maybe you must edit your povray.ini to set the output path.


The Sprite Section


I will separate it in 2 sections:


-         Linux

-         Windows




You should be at:


/some directory/shapes/sprites


 Read the README ( this is not really important,

but very helpfull if you want to spare time)




If you got a povray installation you will get a error

"" not found


The problem here is that the include path of your povray installation

is not there in the povray command.


Under linux you can type locate

and you may find the path, for the others, search for the include

path of the povray installation.


Once located The path open the file to edit.

where povray is you must replace by


povray +L(yourpovrayincludepath)


for example:

povray +L/usr/local/share/povray-3.5/include/


If you got a newer version of povray (3.1 or above) you "must" set

(Yes you can also go with 3.5 further here, but there will be some great



for example:

povray +L/usr/local/share/povray-3.5/include/ +MV3.1


If you want to see what povray are doing

use the option -display :0.0 ( or which display you are using)


If you want to see if just works, type -N -big


( it will compile only 4 frames )

It should now work.


Then type -big -N


It should fails in the epmtools.




Go where you let epmtools, untar and compile them with make.

You should have efence for that, if not delete the efence from Makefile

( efence is only a tool for debugging purposes).

You should export this directory to your PATH variable:

( in the bash shell)

export PATH=$PATH:/myepmtoolsdirectory


So type in the sprites directory, and it should work.

If you want to make some thing with the shape,

go to for example, into  the normal directory, and edit

the XBlast file, there you will find the declaration

( in povray slang) of the head, glasses, body etc.

If you learned povray slang, then you are ready to make your

xblast shape ( maybe you should to see your results: copy the shape in

${HOME}/image-test/sprite ( it is declared in as DST_DIR,

maybe you want to change that) into yours the xblast/image/sprite directory

( yes you should be root, or have your own distribution for that)

( maybe you should rename the file to shapename_* and not let the normal_*

files you just created go in the Directory where the originals normal-* files

are, you can make it with mmv)).





Get cygwin. Then look into Linux section.


block and shapes

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